July 16, 2017 4th of July, and other family activities

While at Silverwood we got sick. Ben and Andy luckily got sick at home. 

 I wanted to prove to her that she had a messy face
 She was very upset she couldn't go to the mailbox with the kids
 We went cherry picking as a family, minus dad because he was working

 Andy really liked Allison's hat he wanted to wear it too.
 The older three kids went to the neighbors for a birthday. Andy was sad he didn't get cake, so she sent him some home.

 While the kids slip and slide at the neighbor's bday party, the younger three swim in our baby pool :)

 I caught the kids reading to the animals

 We celebrated our 4th of July on the 3rd because Eric worked. It has been one of my favorites in Kennewick. I think it is because I was less stressed and I could spread it out over 2 days. We had fireworks in the evening. Ben got to light them off and the neighbors brought over some and lit them off too. We had the biggest turn out with 6 families being present.

 Ally was very afraid of the fireworks, she started on the concrete, quickly moved to the gate Then into the house. Before it was in the dark she was hiding in the house under a blanket asking to watch T.V. So I let her watch t.v.


 The twins got to play with pop its but weren't strong enough to pop them. We also pulled out our new tent and slept in it.

Grandpa George and Grandma Paula got these whistles for the kids. They were perfect for the 4th of July.

 We had our family water fight. The 100 balloons in a minute is worth every cent. 3 minutes versus 3 hours. 

 We also went swimming at the Baymont Inn and Suites. We were the only ones in the pool it was perfect.
 We had family games in the morning 

 We also enjoyed Popsicle

 The day of the 4th of July was a little more laid back. We watched neighbors set off fireworks, which is an awesome view. Our neighbor brought over sparklers for the kids. Isaac did not like the sparklers.

 We played yard yahtzee
 We were excited to get ice cream from the ice cream truck for the 1st time this summer. 

 The morning of the 4th our ward did a devotional, breakfast and parade. Joseph and one other boy were the only scout present. I was so proud of my son holding the flag in uniform.

 As part of the binky weaning process I told the twins they could have scooters if they gave me their binkys. It worked!

 The boys went with me to Walmart. Waiting for a return. 
 After watching their friends perform dances on a dvd, Emily and Ben started their own dance team.

 Andy came in my room and was very proud to be in costume. When I said "it's batman," he replied "No, I big boy." I laughed.

 The week of the 4th Uncle Dan made his annual visit. The kids had fun with him. At one point they even made him a customer in the restaurant they made.

 Isaac helping pick tomatoes. Then I see that him and Emily became creative in making shade while they pick tomatoes.

 This is a miracle. 1st nap in 2 weeks!
 Family Roleplaying
 The kids had fun building a fort. 

 Allison was climbing in the pantry and she pulled the middle board off. She is trying to tape it back on. At least she is using packing tape. :) 
 Caught him playing with the toys for the babies. :) 
 Joseph and Emily are playing school with the twins. Joseph is preparing Andy. 
 They kids have been having fun with the rocket copters Grandpa Pat and Grandma Penny got them. 
 Allison watched Dora and then went and dressed up and told me she was an animal doctor. 
 Isaac helping making pizza
The kids helping me wash my car. 

Andy and Emily walking with me to the mail box

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