April 30 to June 11 2017.

Emily had Dr. Seuss week at school 

We had a little bit of water on the wagon from the sprinklers and Allison told us she was going swimming. 

Joseph became a self manager at school. This is a person that helps to manage others. 

Ben performed with the Mid Columbia Boys Choir

 The family went to DHMS track to help Ben with scouts. 

Allison playing baseball with Joseph

 The twins clowning around

 Emily and I visited Grandma on Mother's Day

 Pictures with all of my family for Mother's Day 

We haven't eaten at Costco for a while so I needed proof

Isaac says he is a dinosaur

 The family watching Joseph perform for his spring music concert

 We were able to attend Vista Carnival this year. Cottonwood was on the same night but since it is Ben's last year we decided to go to Vista. The older boys then went to the Father son camp out.

 Ben and I before his Lord of the Rings performance with his boys choir and the Mid Columbia Symphony 

 Dad's Birthday

 Isaac surprised mom by pulling weeds. How could I get mad? He was so proud of himself.
 Emily and Mom watching the boys perform for the KOG musical. I took a ton of video but didn't tak pictures of Joseph, frustrated. 
 Ben main Character Alexander Graham Bell. 

 Emily's 1st ever ballet recital. She was so happy.

 Our family friend, Emily's Idol came to watch Emily dance. 

 Grandma celebrating her 80th birthday

 Emily practicing on Jacky's drums

 Water Park with the cousins

 We played spin the nail bottle with the girls. I found Andy had colored his nail with a marker to be like the girls. He is so funny. 
We were excited to watch the Callender Cousins while Sums and Jon went to Hawaii for their 10 year anniversary. 

Joseph testing for his egg drop for school 

 Indoor balloon volleyball

 Frisbee Golf

 Streamer Laser Hallway 

 The girls made cupcakes and decorated them
 Kids Yoga

 Proof the Callender kids are still alive and that I can manage 10 kids. 

 Brother and Sister decided to poor mud water on each other's heads. 

 Pie face game

 Volcano experiment

 Great Grandma provided fun supplies so the kids could have a Hawaiian party

 Eric fell off another ladder and probably broke his ribs. 

Chris and Neil Rawlins gave unbirthday gifts to the family. Kids were excited!

She always takes Emily's school supplies and carries them in the house. 

This is a chicken from Hawaii that the Callender's brought for Andy. However, Ally calls it her HeHe chicken which she put in the swimming pool upside down and said it was like the chicken in Moana. Lol. 

Joseph was 1 of the 14 kids out of 100 3rd graders that had a surviving egg from the egg drop. he used a toilet paper roll. 

 I went on a field trip to LIGO observatory with Joseph. It was very interesting.  https://www.ligo.caltech.edu/WA

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