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Ben turned 11 this year. He had his first boy girl birthday party a couple of days after his birthday. He was allowed to invite 10 kids for a total of 11 at the party.  It lasted from 4-7 pm. He had mutiple themes this year, nerf, mario, pokemon. I decorated in a nerf theme and the first out we played nerf games.  We had dinner and opened presents for another hour and the last hour they all played mario kart 8 on the WIIU. Although the 2 girls lost interest easily. The boys were glued to the screen. I was happy the girls had each other. He had a good time. Other pictures and information to follow...

We had a pack meeting. During the pack meeting they handed out balloons. Isaac wanted a certain type of balloon and they were all out of them. Joseph gave him his balloon even though he really wanted to keep his balloon. Isaac was happy. They even shared this story during sharing time in primary.  

Ben completed his cub scouts and is moving to Boy scouts. He earned his arrow of light.  

Emily had fun at her friends clown birthday party. 

Chief went to the vet. 

Ben's actual birthday I made a Mario cake since he was indecisive We told him w couldn't spend a lot of money on gifts because we were spending it on the party, which is true. He was very excited to learn that mom and dad were able to get him an RPG creator software (thanks to BYUI discounts).

He was also excited to get a map! My funny, funny boy. 

Dresses Aunt Sara crocheted

                                                                                  Dresses Aunt Sara crocheted

He is teaching himself program coding. 

This is a picture of Eric sucking his thumb. Resemblance? 

"Oops squished apple sauce on my face mom."

Easter 2017\

Emily got rollar blades/skates for her birthday

Eric made the frame

Emily got a barbie castle for her birthday and it is so cute to see Ben play with her all on his own accord.  

Emily turned 7 and had a good day. Grandpa Pat and Grandma Penny were visiting. She opened presents mostly before school. She wanted to go to school and so I came to school and brought cupcakes for her and her classmates.  Then she wanted to go to dance so she went to dance. Then Grandpa and Grandma took us to Burger Ranch for a birthday dinner and then we surprised her by taking her swimming at the Baymont Inn and Suites.  We then came home to open more presents and have a rainbow flower cake. She had a great day.  

Annual trip to Sonic with Grandma and Grandpa

Easter Dinner with Grandpa Pat and Grandma Penny

Ben learned how to make rose napkins in the culinary dept at Tri tech academy and used his skills for Easter dinner. 

Emily helping cut strawberries

Sunday was a windy day so they were able to fly kites 

We asked the Easter Bunny to come to our house on Saturday that way we can enjoy the gifts on Saturday and have a more religious Sunday.  We attended two Easter Egg hunts and the kids had a great time.

Grandma enjoying Mario Kart with the boys and being bombarded with little ones.

Thursday night we attended my cousin Jacky's 16 birthday party. It was nice to visit with the Gazewood side of the family.

Rub a dub dub 3 children in a tub. :) 

Coloring Easter eggs for Family Home Evening 

Eric is building a shop for Neil Rawlins and we were assisting. 

Grandpa George and Grandma Paula came to visit. We had a nice visit. When Andrew was trying to hug one of their dogs he got a stinky mouth in his face, so he freaked out and said "stinky doggy." From that point on every time he saw Paula he related the dog to them and called her "Stinky doggy." She thought it was funny.

As part of Spring Break Staycation we went to Sonic/ 

 Spring Break Staycation  we went geocaching

 Spring Break Staycation  went to the playground

Joseph has nice goose egg on his head from slipping and hitting his head on the counter. 

General Conference weekend 

The boys had to give invention presentations at school. Ben created spring shoe and Joseph a bell for a bike that is supposed to scare off wild animals. 

Joseph invention was chosen to present to the judges out of 5 kids. He was so excited. He got runner up, which I think was 4th place.  

Ben is singing in the Annual 5th grade performance where all 5th graders in the school district sing together.

On the way to the ear doctor for Emily's ear infection we stopped by to see the baby birds. The next day we ended up at Urgent are again. The plastic backs of her ears had formed into the inside of her ears. They were able to pull one through the front, they other they had to numb her ear and dig it out. Crazy.  

Helping plant the gardens

Lego derby pack meeting

Other pictures from Emily Birthday. 

Other Pictures from Ben's Birthday 

Pictures from past performance so Ben in the Mid Columbia Boys Choir

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