Posted March 20, 2017

Isaac told us for his birthday he didn't want birthday presents but wanted to go to the aquarium/zoo and pacific ocean. His words not mine. We took him to Tacoma to Point Defiance Zoo. He had a good time. We stayed in the Hampton Inn and Suites and loved it! The kids enjoyed swimming. We ended up being rained on a ton. The leprechaun came the night before since we had to leave early in the morning. We woke up and was able to get the kids donuts for Isaac Birthday. They were Krispy Kreme Green donuts for St. Patricks Day.  We then drove to the zoo and aquarium that morning. Isaac was excited to see the animals especially the sharks and sting rays. After lunch it really started to rain which was okay since Isaac wanted to stay int he aquarium and pet the sea animals.  Then after we went to the hotel. The kids had a blast swimming and eating pizza. We then went to bed and woke up and drove 3 hours to the beach. This was a total bust. Cold, Windy and rainy. We only stayed about an hour and headed home.  I think he had a good trip.  

Pacific Ocean meets the Columbia River

Goonies beach 

Isaac is happy to be at the beach. 

This is my scared look having to go over the long bridge connecting Oregon to Washington near Astoria.  

Excited to go swimming

He is very happy for cake and ice cream in the hotel. 

This is where Isaac wanted to stay the entire time.  

This is Andy's "it stinky outside" face. 

He is very happy to be at the zoo and aquarium

Ben participated in a squord competition for his school and out of 12 schools the top 100 5th graders got tickets to the Tri City American Hockey game. We had fun.

Transplanting trees

Dr. Seuss Week 

While Dad is out of town we are all sleeping in the bonus room. This is 1030 at night. I finally gave up.  

Emily participated in her first Chess club.  

  Attended an award banquet for Eric. "Officer Eric Edwards and Officer Doug Doss received Meritorious Service Awards. This award is for “correct decision making or tenacious follow-through to a successful conclusion in a high-risk, dangerous or extremely complicated case in which the recipient was exposed to a direct hazard that could not be avoided, or was involved in a life-saving or life-threatening situation involving a severe hazard.” February 2017


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