5-21-2018 to 6-17-18 Family Videos

5-21-2018 to 6-17-2018

The month's are flying by. We have had a couple of fun activities and events. It is great to have a large family and good friends to share these activities with.  
The Lawrence Family asked Emily to attend their dance recital. Kim purchased Emily a raffle ticket and she won. She was very excited to win!

 We took a day trip, with our friends the Dabb Family, to Silverwood. It was a windy day, we avoided the water park because it only got up to 68 degrees. However, barely anyone was in the park. We would trade weather for crowds any day.

 Benjamin was able to participate in the magic show. He is the young man in the front right corner.

 After the magic show and eating dinner, Ben ended up sick to his stomach for the rest of the night. Poor guy!
 This is the first year that Allison was excited and rode on the rides. She had a blast!


 Seeing Silverwood always makes them happy. 
Last Day of School surprises. 

 Our family tradition is that when it is the last day of Kindergarten the child gets to run through a sign. It was Isaac's turn this year. It was super windy so we had to stand off to the side. I was so glad Benjamin and Joseph were able to hold the sign while I took pictures.

 Emily earned her first stripe fo Karate. 

 Outdoor movie night

 Mean mom pic. Andrew was stuck in the tent and of course I needed a pic. 
 Ally and Andy had fun hanging out with their friend Madelyn. We even snuck down to the Richland Boat Races and played at the park.

 Isaac had a fun day in Kindergarten. It was a muffin with mom day.  He gave a little performance and was very excited during the activity.

 1st dental appointment for the twins, they did great! 

 Best moment for mom, sleeping toddlers.
 After begging mom to come to school all year for lunch, we surprised Emily and Isaac with McDonald's lunch.

 Ben had a band performance and afterward for Family Home Evening, cub scouts and activity days, our family cleaned up a fence that had collected trash. We thought it was school property but found out it was a nice man. I am so glad he was nice and didn't kick us off. I would have been terribly expensive. But it was significantly cleaner. However, Andrew my clean freak, was very upset that it was left a little dirty.

 After movie night they thought it would be fun to pile pillows and blankets in front of the door to their room.

At the end of May we had the opportunity to go the Brooks cabin for 4 days. Our family had a really great time!

 I was able to attend a field trip to a farm with Isaac. We had a good time. 

Emily having fun during activity days for church.  

 Joseph had a KOG musical. He did very well.  

 Eric had a low key birthday. I think he still enjoyed himself.