July 17, 2017 to August 19, 2017

We celebrated the twins birthday a day early on Saturday August 19. They woke up and received presents. We ended the day by going to the RPD family picnic. We told the twins it was part of their birthday. They loved it! They had a great day.




Ally was upset because she didn't have a cupcake and we had to wait in line.This nice lady went a got her one and she was happy.


They fell asleep on the drive to the RPD family picnic.

The twins main present was Silverwood. Andy has been asking to go since we were last there 2 months ago.  The pictures are in reverse. This is the end of the day after the candy store.

Allison really wanted her own horse that went up and down but they were all taken. All on his own Joseph traded Allison and told her happy birthday. Very proud mom.

The last time Allison came to Silverwood she was sick and did't want to go on any rides. As you can see she loved every bit of it this time.

Top three, Isaac, Andy, Emily and Allison 


Emily and Ally, Andy bottom

Very excited for Silverwood.They really are even though the picture doesn't show it.
This became a very expensive blessing. Tuesday August 15th, morning it was trash day. I broke a plate and put it in the trash so no one would cut themselves.Came back in and realized I forgot a box. Ran out shoved it in the trash and the broken plate went through the box into my thumb making it numb. Next day we are having a primary presidency meeting and the two women's husband's are hand specialists. The one tells me to see him. I try to schedule with him, full till the end of September. I call around town, same result. She texts later and says if you can come in at 330 today he will see you. I did and he said I severed a nerve in my hand and he expects surgery. He refers me to another ward member, and on the way home he stops by my house and confirms surgery. Less than a week later I go in for hand surgery for a severed radial digital nerve on August 21st. Amazing people, and amazing blessings from everything.
The kids decided to play dress up. Andy is wearing a dress and hiding.

We went to the Brook's cabin on August 12, 2017. Joseph wanted to drive the golf cart for 2 maybe 3 years  now so this was a have to for him.

They also have a zip line. We forced Allison on and she loved it! 

Ally is mad she can't go every turn on the zip line.

Andy pretending he is a baby doll. 

Difficult to see but two deer are in the trees. 

Fast trip to Elko, NV Wed and Thurs August 9 and 10th. Ben working with grandpa Pat on his mining patch for Boy scouts. Summer and her children came and we were able to see Evan, too.

Ben at 11 is almost as tall as Auntie Sums

We were able to make an early visit on Wednesday August 9th to visit Grandpa George and Grandma Paula.

Monday August 7th and 8th we made a trip to see Grandma Jill and Aunt Sara. It worked out well because we were able to celebrate Aunt Sara Bday too.

Swim Lessons. The older kids went to swim lessons and the twins went to the splash pool (swim lessons to them).

Twin Unicorns

We were the first customers for Walmart grocery pickup. The kids had fun trying out the Oreo races.

"River Dolphin, squeek squeek," Ally exclaims

Notice the eye behind Eric. 

Painting rocks to put around town

We went on an Anniversary date for 10 hours! It was wonderful. Movie, Dinner, Dancing, Geocaching.

Family Geocaching

Our family did the Tri City Geo Caching challenging. This is what we earned. It was a lot of fun.

Ben designed and created this lego piano

Eric, Ben and Joseph went fishing with Jorgen and Casey Young. Joseph caught his first fish.