January to February 18, 2018

January to February 18, 2018

 Allison and Andy found hiding spots for hiding seek
 Allison had her first hair cut. We layered her hair so her curls would be easier to manage. 
 Dad took the family to Dairy Queen for working so hard at school

 Isaac earned a pizza hut coupon for reading. We went on a date together, love my Isaac. 

 My new living room furniture. Love the Ally photo bomb
 Joe at cub scouts

 He asked to wear this to school and then when he got there he pretended like he didn't know he had it on his head. My little clown....
 The loved going to the library. We attempted story time but we didn't last. 

 Emily was knocked into table at school and got hurt.
 Allison wanted a picture of herself wearing this towel on her head. 
 We were so proud, Isaac clipped to the top. 
 Our friend the Lawrence's gave nosy a jacket.  
 Joseph's project for school 

 They made paw patrol fire hats
 Caught playing with his little brother's and sister's toys. 
 Ben's Band Picture top row 2nd from the right. 
 They were amazed by the mannequins at JC penney 
 Isaac had penguin day at school. 
 Ben earned 9 patches at boy scouts. He earned the most and was very excited. Him and Eric have been working hard.  

 Road trip to Isabell's baptism in Ely,  NV

 Playing with cousins

 Emily was excited to help Auntie Sums with the chickens and ducks. 

 The kids had fun trying to catch ducks and chickens

 Auntie Sums bought ice cream for all of the kids. 

 She was happy to hold a chicken. 
 It is nice when cousins share

 Emily helping Auntie Sums with cookies
 Cousins, poor Ben had a fever

 Emily and Andrew wanted to go help feed the Bishops cows 

Racing sticks at the Bishops ranch
Isabell opening gifts
My handsome nephew Evan
My sweet Isaac boy
 Family pics after the baptism.  Notice Isaac and Gideon's mouths. 

 Trip home from the cousins. Allison is sad

 Allison loves my little ponies. She is wearing a rainbow dash jacket and Andy is photo bombing. 
 Isaac 100 day at school, dinosaurs. He is so cute he grouped them into herds.

 I was able to go to Emily's school valentines day party. 
Joseph was very excited by his Arcandia box that he created for his Valentines's day party.

 Love my table Eric made me

 I cannot believe it has been 4 years since we received the great valentines day gift of twins.  
 Isaac got this school 

 For Valentine's we celebrate as a family. We celebrated on Saturday and Wednesday. Saturday they went on a scavenger hunt around the house and received candy.  Then we went swimming at a hotel, and got take out of olive garden and wing stop.  Wednesday dad worked so when they came home they had balloons, candy, flowers, chocolate cake and painting book waiting. They were surprised.  

 We celebrated Valentines day as a family on Saturday. But Eric and I wanted a moment or two on Valentine's day. Ben watched the kids while we went to the temple grounds for a couple of minutes. I loved watching Eric take pictures. 14 years my Valentine and still loving it.

 Isaac was given a dinosaur excavating kit by Grandpa Pat and Grandma Penny. All the kids spent 90 minutes working on getting to the pieces.

 Isaac and Allison fell asleep by each other. 

We attended Emily's "Great To Be 8" meeting for Primary to prepare her for her baptism in May.
 Ben and Emily sang in church.  

 Benjamin and Eric went on an overnight scouting trip.

Eric has taken up photography again. I think he is taking beautiful pictures.