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I recorded this one because eventually the link will be gone.  

Vista Elementary Lego League takes on brown water challenge

Posted: Nov 08, 2017 10:13 AM PSTUpdated: Nov 08, 2017 10:16 AM PST

KENNEWICK, WA - A group of local students researched and found a solution to a problem that happened at their own school just over a month ago, and now they're taking the project to a regional competition.
It all started on September 26th at Vista Elementary when the Kennewick Water District was working on something down the street and stirred up a sediment in the water...on the exact same day that the Lego Robotics Team had to pick a project topic for their hydrodynamics challenge. So, the topic choice became a no-brainer.
The students contacted the water district and got the information as to why the brown water got into the school's water system, which they demonstrated yesterday in a skit they created as part of their competition next month.
And then they researched what to do in case it happens to you.
"If they see brown water, they should turn on all their faucets and let them run for a couple minutes, around 15, and they should flush all their toilets multiple times so it flushes it out of the system," explained Halle Lewis, a 4th grader at Vista Elementary.

Right now, the team is working on their presentation for the project, and they will compete on December 2nd at Chief Joseph Middle School in the first Lego League Central Tri-Cities Hydrodynamics Qualifying Tournament, where they'll present the finished project.

Sept 20-Novermber 5, 2017

I think this is the first time since we moved here in 2008 that we have seen snow in November. If I loved snow this would be great, but I personally dont. Luckily the kids do and they are very excited!

 Emily and I had a Mother Daughter Date. She wanted to go to McDonalds and the Deseret Book Store. It was fun hanging out with my sweet girl.

 Joseph had a KOG Zoo at school He chose to rearch and present the Muskrat. He was especially excited when he got to school and a person that saw his project told him that he was a professional that works with Muskrats everyday. He dressed up and even went and clipped a rose off of one of our bushes. He wan't required to dress up but I could tell it boost his confidence. 

 Image may contain: 1 person, sitting and indoor
 Joseph had to perform his project for school and was one of the kids featured on his schools Facebook Page. 
Isaac found an old Davy Crocket costume the day after Halloween and said he wished he was Davy Crocket for Halloween. 

We had a fun time for Halloween. We went to Krispy Kreme to trick or treat per Ben's request. Then we came home and  went around the neighborhood for an hour. Then we did trunk or treat at the church for about 30 minutes. The twins were tired so I stayed home and Eric took the older 4 kids around other neighborhood.  Ben was a Ranger Apprentice, Joseph was an inflatable Godzilla, Emily was Belle from Beauty and the Beast, Isaac was Froto from the Lord of the Rings on Halloween but on Saturday he was wolverine, Allison was Sky from Paw Patrol, and Andy was Chase from Paw Patrol. 

 Also on Halloween, Emily had to get a filling at the Dentist. Ally and Andy played with their Leap Pad's and were very good.

 For Halloween Joseph had crazy hair and sock day. He decided to combine his idea and even ended  up on his schools Facebook page. 
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 Ben had his first ever Middle School Band concert. He was excited and played the Clarinet very well. We were happy to go watch him as a family.

 I saw this picture of Isaac on his bulletin board at school for his class reading a lot of minutes. He is in the front, right black shirt. 
 Family Pumkins. Joseph carved and painted koopa from Mario Brothers, Benjamin painted a white classic pumpkin, Emily painted a self potrait on her pumpkin, Isaac carved and painted Soran tower from Lord of the rings, and Ally and Andy had fun painting a ton of colors on top of colors.  

This is Eric's pumpkin
 Ally was excited to meet the princess. When the lady knelt down to say hi, Ally thought she needed to copy her. 
 Family Trick or Treating on the 28th down town. It was hectic and won't happen again. 7 candies in an hour. Not worth the time. But it was another memory.

 Joe, Godzilla,  was pretending to eat Ally the Paw Patrol, and Ben the ranger was going to stop him.



 Ally and Andy went to see daddy at work. This was the first time they had been in his patrol car. They were very exited. 

 Ranger costume that mom and dad made Ben for Halloween
 Isaac had fire safety day at school

Country Mercantile Pumpkin Patch October 20, 2017. The kids had a blast!

 At Joe's last game Ben decided to steal Dad's chair while he was taking pics of Joe. This is the result.

 Isaac learned about Christopher Columbus at school. He came home and made his ship. 
 She was told to take a break from reading and get in the shower. I found her upstairs, hiding and reading. I love it!

 My yougest with my oldest, makes me happy.

 Meet our new family puppy, Nosy. It was either a puppy or a baby... Yes we are done.:)

 We had to put our name in a drawing at the Animal Shelter in order to win her. We only had 3 of us in the drawing. We were really happy to win. 


 Backwards day at school for Isaac and Emily

 Crazy Hair day for Emily and Isaac 

Chief hiding from our new puppy. 

 Can you say best day ever! They both fell asleep on the way home for groceries.
 Emily had her tonsils and Adenoids removed on September 20th. Her class wrote her get well notes, which she cried when she read. She told me I didn't even know these kids liked me. After 10 days of recovery, she went back to school. She had many friends excited to see her. 

Andy helping comfort Emily while she is recovering from her Tonsils.

 Our family attended Emily's and Isaac Jog a Thon at Cottonwood, and inbetween we attended Joseph's Jog a Thon. 

 Isaac attempting Jumping Jacks

Isaac's Kindergarten class-Jog A Thon

 They are all prepared for their schools Jog A Thon

 More puppy pics. The kids took these with my phone.  


 We enjoyed learning from General Conference Sept 30, and Oct 1st. The kids had cardboard tents, listened for lots of candy and heard some neat stories. 

 Isaac had to get a spacer for one of his teeth that had a crown. The tooth finally fell out.  He wasn't suppsed to lose it until he was 11. Bummmer. 
 At the Scout Pack meeting they had some games. They are attempting to teach Andrew how to do a wheel barrow race.

 Ally trying to Wheel barrow Isaac. 

 Finally succes, Isaac and Ally.

 Ally was too tired to make it back down stairs. 

 She was sitting at the table and didn't catch herself in time when she fell from the chair. Luckily she is ok. 

 I took Emily and Isaac to the circus for  the first time. They both had a blast. 

 Joseph's first flag football game of the season. The kids had fun supporting him, especially Andy. 

 We were watching a movie and she fell asleep on me. I love it!

 Emily is being sweet and painting her little sisters toenails. 
 This was one of the smokiest seaons's we have had. 

 Ben receiveing a scout for the first time in Boy Scouts.  

Our First League Meeting for our team that Eric and I coach for 4th and 5th KOG graders.  

  Joseph had a great 10th birthday. He got to celebrate twice. His birthday was on a Wednesday and he chose to celebrate on Monday the holiday so he could have dad be home to celebrate with him. I bet he would have changed his mind if he remembered his annual daddy spankings. 

 Ally tried to stay up and help decorate for Joseph's birthday. But I think she was a little tired. 

 Eric and Joe went to a dustdevils game.  

 While the other kids started the first day of  school on Tuesday Isaac didn't start school till Thursday. We decided to get one last fun in the sun in at the splash park the older boys don't like.

 First day of school for Isaac. Eric was even able to suprise him and stop by while he was working. 

 First day of school 

 The results after my surgery.  Eric's mom came up and helped take care of me and the kids follwoing my August 21st surgery.  Surgery went really well. it was the best. Eric wasn't able to be here he was out of town for training. They took me back, I remember the anesthesoligst telling me the iv was going to burn and then I woke up to them saying we were done. It was fast and the best case scenario. My Aunt Susan picked me up from surgery, took care of me and the kids that night. The next day my friend Careina Brooks came and helped me and then Jill came and took over. I was blessed beyond measure throughout this process. 

 August 21st, Eclipe! Our area so 96% coverage. It was neat. 

August 21st the day of my surgery and shortly after the eclipse we went to her surgery preop for her tonsils. 
 Isaac asked me if his paint was washed off his face. I thought it was cute, because he wasn't even close.