Month of January 2017, Posted February 12, 2017

January 2017 Videos

 Eric and I attended a Valentine's Dance at another Stake, in Pasco. We had so much fun. We we went to Applebees with our friends first, and then went dancing. I love that he knows how to ballroom dance.
 Emily had a 1st grade culture performance, her class studied China.

Another image of snow. This has been the most snow that the tri cities have had since 1955. We have had a lot of snow days. Hopefully we can get approved for a waiver since the Governor declared 5 of those days and state of emergency.  

My lovely twinsasters flour mess. I was folding laundry upsstairs, and Eric called so I was talking with him. I noticed was quiet and came down stairs to this. Allison said they needed a napkin to clean it up.  I stuck them in my shower because I could hear them. Isaac was trying to clean and so I had to stop him. The twins, soaking wet tried to help with the flour mess. I went and stuck them in their rooms not completely clean. It was nap time so they fell asleep. I decided to clean and a couple of hours later I went to wash Allison hair, it was like paper mache.  It was so hard to get out of her hair. It took 3 hours to clean, because I guess vacuums get clogged from flour. 

Scout award ceremony in 3 months because of all the snow cancellations.  

They keep sneaking into bed together.
New Years Eve, watching Fireworks (Ally calls them firetrucks) from our house. Love the neighbors lighting off fireworks early. It made it nice for my family.  

Saying good bye to 2016 and hello to 2017

Andrew was upset because he came down stairs after naptime and realized I had taken down the Christmas tree. Poor guy.  

December 2016 videos

Christmas 2016

Attended the Cirque Dreams Holidaze with Susie and Jacky, thanks to Grandma and Grandpa. 

This is the result of having hubby watch babies while at Holidaze. Markers...

Christmas Carol Skype with Callender Cousins

Cardboard Slide

Christmas Eve Dinner at McDonalds from the Callender Family

Sleeping in the Bonus Room on Christmas Eve

Pizza Helper

Preparing her sewn placemats for Christmas Dinner

Grandma Jill PJ's 

Grandma Jill Pj's 

Christmas Eve Box, Blankets and Polar Express

Reading about the Birth of Christ

The repurposed TV stand made into Kitchen for Ally and Emily 

The kids watched the movie "Santa Paws" and decided to leave Santa Clause a burrito. 

Isaac told us he was finished with his presents, he received everything he wanted from Santa. He is so funny!

Kindle from Santa

After 10 minutes Joseph realized Santa had brought him a drone, too. 

Ben flying his drone

Christmas breakfast per request. Sunny D and Cupcakes. 

Special Christmas Dresses Dad bought the girls. 

Do you see the future of 2 girls talking on the phone. Much easier when it was attached to a 2 foot radius. 

Holiday barbie

I love this pic of my hubby

Andy and his shopping cart

We sent the kids on a scavenger hunt collecting 5 wrapped packages. The opened the packages at the same time and realized the theme was a WiiU. Dad surprised them by working over time to get the WiiU for the Christmas. 

Holiday Barbie

The 3 older kids sewed the squares by machine. Pink were Emily, Blue is Ben and Joseph is Green. It is a quilt of all of Eric's old running shirts he had discarded and I saved.  

Flax bag Emily made all herself. 

Autographed book by M Russell Ballard and qult. 

Dice Box 

Christmas Dinner with Susie, Brian, Jacob, Jacky, Grandma Virgina, Grandpa Jim and our family. It was a nice evening. 

He was angry I was making him take this picture with all of his toys. 

This is the reaction, in the following pictures, Andy had when he realized we were taking down the Christmas tree. 

We woke the kids up about 6:00 am to start Christmas. We were happy because Eric had Christmas Eve and Christmas Day off to spend with the family. We went to church for Sacrament only (that is all they had for the day) and came home and opened gifts until about 3:00 p.m. Then around 5 pm my Aunt Susan and Uncle Brian, Jacob, Jacky, Grandpa Jim and Grandma Virginia joined us for dinner. It was a good way to end the day.  

Beautiful bracelet from my hubby. 

Isaac was so excited to buy tape for Ben. Ben is always getting in trouble for using up all of my tape.  

I had to post this pic because I don't know why I am so suprised.  

Joseph Gifts

Ben Gifts

The rest of the pictures are from earlier in the month of December. 
Sneaking into marshmallows at 6 am. 

1st snow of the season. 

Lego League Competition

Role playing day with friends

Yes Ben's feet are almost as big as mine. 

Gingerbread houses

Sugar Cookies

Helping clean up from sugar cookies